All About Hair Feathers

A guide to buying hair feather extensions

Although feathers used in hair is centuries old, it seems starting in 2011 many women decided to bring hair feather fashions to a new level. Now, in 2021 we are seeing the fashion trend for hair feather extensions again. We are also seeing a lot of questions about hair feathers, and which are the best and how long will the feathers last. We put this hair feather guide together to help answer some of those questions being asked.

Where do hair feathers come from?

where hair feathers are located on a rooster

The most desirable hair feather extensions come from specially raised roosters. These are not your ordinary barnyard roosters. These are genetically raised on specialized chicken farms that breed for the finest feathers to be used in fly tying and for hair fashion. The roosters on these specialized chicken farms are treated like royalty to make sure the feathers are the highest quality and not ruined. This is way different than a chicken meat farm that is only concerned with the meat and not the feathers.

We should also mention not all rooster are the same and some breeds do better for producing quality hair feathers than other breeds. Different chicken breeds produce totally different feather colorations, which many are not desirable for hair feathers. Also, different sections of the rooster’s feathers produce feathers of different lengths, widths, and quality. See the photo for where the best hair feathers are found on a rooster.

Extra long hair feathers extensions

The extra long hair feathers extensions come from the rooster’s saddle section. It takes years of breeding and experience to produce roosters with extremely long, narrow saddle feathers. At Feather Goddess, we buy in bulk complete rooster saddles and then manually inspect and separate the feathers based on length, color, and quality before bundling them into hair feather extensions. Also, all the rooster saddles we buy have been carefully cleaned, washed thoroughly, and are bug free.

The best rooster feather saddles will have feathers from 8" long to about 20" maximum length. The average saddle feather length on the best roosters would be around 12-" to 15" long. This is why the longest hair feathers sell for premium prices. Feathers from the rooster's cape section are usually 5" to 7" long and are common, so the prices are much lower.

Hair Feather Colors

dyed rooster hair feathers

Hair feather extensions are offered in many colors, some are natural colors and others are dyed colors. Dying the hair feathers is usually done in bulk, this is often done at the specialty farms where the roosters were raised. They use special color fast dye products and procedures, ensuring the highest quality dyed hair feathers.

Many women prefer the barred colors that have black barred lines mixed with some other fashion color. To achieve this they use saddles feathers from a grizzly rooster, like the photo above.  They dye the grizzly feathers with different fashion colors to achieve the stunning colors so many prefer.

The solid colored feathers start with white rooster saddle feathers. The white feathers are then dyed various colors, in every color from pink, magenta, purple, lavender, red and more. There are a few natural grey and brown rooster colors we offer that don't need to be dyed.

Feathers that are dyed properly can stay in your hair for several weeks including regular showering without loosing their color or quality.