Hair Feather Trends

The hair feather trend is definitely coming back and getting strong again. Back in 2011 putting long rooster feathers in various colors in women’s hair became a national trend. The hair feather fashion created such a demand there was a shortage of long rooster feathers to supply all the salons and DIY people.

In 2021 we are now seeing the trend returning and building momentum and the demand of long, skinny rooster feathers is not slowing down. One the salons see enough interest in hair feathers this could get crazy again. Prices for long hair feathers could skyrocket if the supply can’t keep up with the demand. That happened in late 2011 when there was a hair feather buying frenzy.

Most of the premium feathers sold for hair extensions come from a few specialized farms that raise chickens especially for their feathers used in fly tying. The farms sell most of their feathers to fly shops and the few fly fishing distributors. When the demand for hair feathers combines with the demand for fly tying the farms are not able to increase their feather capacity quickly. Thus, the added hair feather demand on the farms yearly production causes the shortage.

The most difficult feathers to obtain are the really long rooster feathers that are from 14” long to 20” or longer. Only a few select roosters have saddle feathers that grow that long. At Feather Goddess we have been buying premium rooster saddles directly from the top farms for years for both fly tying as well as hair feathers. We expect the hair feather demand will be increasing over the next few months and we have the inventory to handle the demand. As time permits, we will be adding a tremendous amount more feathers in a wide variety of colors and sizes for hair extensions to our website.