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The ultimate source for fine hair feather extensions in the USA!

Hair Feather Colors

Why Feather Goddess Feather Goddess is the ultimate source for hair feather extensions.

We know more about quality rooster feathers than other hair feather sellers because we have been selling feathers for over 30 years and have been a long time reseller of top quality rooster capes & saddles feathers.

Why Feather Goddess

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We inspect, sort and size all feathers before bundling them and offering the hair feathers on our website.
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All of our hair feather extensions come from the finest rooster saddles in the USA.
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We buy in bulk, hundreds of rooster saddles and then carefully separate the feathers according to size and color.
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Our hair feathers range from 6" to over 20" long and in a variety of colors, both natural and dyed.