Hair Feather Bundles

Are you looking for top-quality hair feathers? We have a wide array of fabulous hair feather colors in lengths from 8" up to 20". And... they are in stock ready to ship. At Feather Goddess, we buy in bulk Whiting rooster saddles that are the finest quality and offer the longest feather lengths. We offer the hair feathers in both dyed colors as well as natural colors, such as grizzly, furnace and natural brown.

Each rooster saddle we personally inspect, size by lengths and color. When we say a feather bundle is 16" to 18" in length you can be assured you will get those sizes mixed in the bundle, nothing shorter.

If you don't see the color in the long lengths listed please contact us. We probably have it and haven't had time to take the photos and post it yet.


Hair Feather Colors